Innokin Coils


Innokin Prism S, Endura T20S, EZ Watt Coils

The Innokin Prism S Coils are designed for use with the T20S vape tank and EZ Watt Vape Kit only. Available in both 0.8 Ohm and 1.5 Ohm, this is...

Innokin Jem Coils

The Innokin JEM Replacement Vape Coils are designed for use with Innokin’s JEM Kit, and feature a resistance of 1.6Ω. Contains: 5 x Innokin JEM 1.6Ω Replacement Vape Coils

Innokin T18E, T22E Coils

These Innokin Prism coils are designed for use with the Innokin T18II, T18E and T22E tanks. They are available in a resistance of 1.5ohm, designed for mouth to lung vaping....

Innokin iSub Coils

Innokin iSub Coils are designed to be used with the iSub vape tank series. Featuring the innovative ‘no spill coil swap system’ the iSub coil has a built in 510...

Innokin Sceptre Replacement Coil

Innokin Sceptre Replacement CoilS ARE specially designed for Innokin Sceptre Pod Mod Kit, aiming to bring both a great Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) experience. Two types are...

Innokin M18 Replacement Coils

These Endura M18 Replacement Coils are perfectly compatible with Innokin Endura M18 Pod Mod Kit & Endura M18 Pod Cartridge. Innokin Endura M18 Replacement Coils Features: Innokin Endura M18 Coil Series...

Innokin Endura T20 Prism Coils

The Innokin Prism T20 coil can be used with both the Endura T20 vape kit and the Prism T20 tank. Registering at 1.5 Ohm resistance, this coil will work best...

Innokin Sceptre Replacement Pod

The Innokin Sceptre pods pack has been designed for use with the Innokin Ssceptre Pod Kit only. Each pack contains a complete set of spare for the sceptre kit, including...

Innokin Zenith Coils

The Innokin Zenith Coils are designed solely for use with the Innokin Zenith Vape Tank, co-designed by vaping personalities Phil Bursado and Dimitris the Vaping Greek. They’re available in a...

Innokin Sensis (S) Coils

Innokin Sceptre S Replacement Coil 0.25ohm compatible with the Innokin Sensis Pod Mod kit and the 2ml Sensis cartridge. The package contains 5 coils perfect for MTL vaping style.

Innokin EQ Pod

The Innokin EQ Replacement Pods are designed to be used with the Innokin EQ Pod Kit. These 2ml refillable pods can be filled with your choice of eliquid; we recommend...

Innokin Sensis Replacment Pod – 2ml

– Innokin Sensis Replacement Pod – Capacity: 2ml – Sceptre S Coil 0.25Ω, (25-35W) Pre Installed – Spare Sceptre Coil (0.65Ω) – Pack of 1
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Innokin Scion 2 Plexus Coils

The Innokin Plexus replacement vape coils can be used with the Innokin Scion 2 Tank and the Innokin Proton Kit. There are two coil options available, both of which have...
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Innokin Endura M18 Replacement Pod

Boasting a removable coil method, a side fill stopper as well as an adjustable airflow feature, the M18 pods provide users with versatility and ease of use. Package Contents: 1...