my blu Liquidpod – Mango Apricot Flavour

Bright, sweet apricot notes Made for a tart and flavourful taste Vacation with our sweet and tangy flavour inspired by a taste of paradise. Enjoy notes of mango and apricot...

myblu Intense Liquidpod – Golden Tobacco


Tobacco Salt Nicotine Eliquid Pods have been designed for use with the Myblu Starter Kit. This tobacco flavour is rich and layered, with light notes and a honey aftertaste for...

myblu Intense LiquidPod – Menthol Flavour

True menthol freshness Our most intense vape with zero compromise on flavour Because you can never have enough mint in your menthol. Thanks to nic salt’s special extraction process the...

myblu Intense LiquidPod – Strawberry Mint Flavour

The coolest strawberry in town Our most intense vape with zero compromise on flavour If you’ve never experienced the flavour sensation of an icy cool strawberry you are missing out....

myblu LiquidPod – Blue Ice

Inspired by natural blueberry flavour Notes of refreshing menthol Chill out with icy Menthol and wild, ripened blueberry flavours designed to make Blue Ice a uniquely fresh vape. Our flavours...

myblu LiquidPod – Bourbon Caramel Flavour

Inspired by aged Bourbon and buttery caramel An irresistibly rich flavour We’ve combined the delicate essence of aged Bourbon flavour with the creamy flavour of caramel for a taste that’s...

myblu LiquidPod – Cafe Latte Flavour

Notes of espresso beans and milk inspired by the creamy espresso beverage. Enjoy your morning pick-me-up and your blu all in one with hearty notes of roasted espresso beans and...

myblu LiquidPod – Cherry Crush Flavour

Inspired by tart, juicy berries Rich flavour crafted for a taste that packs a punch blu® Cherry is our take on sweet, plump, sun-ripened Maraschino cherries with notes of our...

myblu LiquidPod – Coconut Breeze Flavour

Inspired by natural Coconut flavour Notes of coconut & pineapple. A tropical blend designed for a sweetly smooth taste. Warm up with this tropical blend of coconut flavour, made for...

myblu LiquidPod – Eucalyptus Lemon Flavour

Crafted for fresh, vibrant flavour Made for a dynamic and natural taste Inspired by the refreshing harmony of zesty, sour lemon with cool mint tones of eucalyptus. Our flavours are...

myblu LiquidPod – Ginseng Ginger Flavour

Warm, sweet and spicy notes Made for a unique and calming taste A spicy, sweet taste designed with the warming power of ginger mixed with the restorative effects of ginseng....

myblu LiquidPod – Menthol Flavour

Crafted for original menthol flavour Notes of cool peppermint and spearmint undertones Our Menthol was designed to represent notes of sweet spearmint and peppermint to give this flavour the classically...

myblu LiquidPod – Tobacco Crème Flavour

Crafted for rich, fragrant taste. Notes of tobacco and creamy vanilla bean. Try this rich, aromatic blend crafted for the flavour of full-bodied tobacco with notes of creamy vanilla bean....

myblu LiquidPod – Tobacco Flavour

Made for a familiar tobacco taste Warm blend crafted for fantastic flavour We created blu® Tobacco to mimic the authentic and classic taste of rich, robust tobacco that has made...